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About Lüminate

Lüminate creates a conscious community of those committed to illuminating all areas of the self, aligning with their intrinsic light, and honoring that through the way they live. The program brings  light to the shadows that we hide from and connect to what makes us truly unconditionally lovable. 


Lüminate creates a safety in the self to explore the shadow while confidently honoring and acknowledging each person’s inherent light allowing for the release of the things that bind us, a removal of the masks that we hide behind to allow for deep integrity with the self and allow for each individual to live from a place of love and acceptance and joy.



Below what we bring into this lifetime, below what we encounter in our human experience lies our true nature – one free of form, judgment, projection and narrative – one of boundless nature and peace. When we dare to dive deeply into the self, experiencing all the exists below the surface, we illuminate the darkness and discover that all that remains true is our light. Lüminate creates a safe container for exploration of the full self, where all parts are accepted and brought to light. 

About Katherine

I have been in deep devotion to the work of truly expanding and expressing the self for the past decade. Deep personal study brought me to the space of life coaching, past life regressions, hypnotherapy, breathwork and studying in an ashram in Nepal.


This study led to further facilitation training in yoga, meditation, journeying, reiki and plant medicine. The personal development and training brought forth Lüminate - a transformational program bringing together a variety of healing modalities designed to bring you fully home to yourself. 

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